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Why Our 3-Step Recovery Process Actually Works

Dealing with pain or injury can be really frustrating! You can't move or exercise the way you want, you have pain all throughout the day, and it never seems to be consistent! Maybe you even have a lot of pain one day and then the next it seems to be feeling pretty good.  You're really fed up because it has been weeks or months of pain, and all the google searching and random youtube videos have done nothing for you.  You aren't sure of what you should or should not be doing to feel better and how you can get rid of this injury!

Luckily, we have developed a 3-Step Recovery Process that we use with all of our patients that helps them get out of pain, move better, and conquer their fitness goals.  These steps look different for everyone, but the main components will still apply to anyone.  We utilize these 3 steps as a holistic overview of how the body heals and experiences recovery. During our first session we thoroughly evaluate the body to determine the most likely cause of the pain or injury, then we can then formulate a plan specific to you that will be the fastest route to recovery. Here is a quick overview of each step and how we implement it into rehab to make people happy and healthy again!

Step 1: Reset

Most people come to us in pain, unfortunately that's the nature of life. Sometimes we get hurt doing things we shouldn't have done, sometimes it's completely unexpected and simple like getting out of bed (yes I have seen this happen!). Our first step in the process involves a RESET to your nervous system, or getting your body out of pain. When there is pain present, our body is in a guarded state, it will not move optimally, and it makes even the simplest of things more challenging.  If we can calm down the pain, we can start to make some real changes that make your body more resistant to developing pain again.  The ways we get rid of pain varies, but it can include dry needling, soft tissue work, joint mobilizations, stress management, movement modification, lifestyle adjustments, and many more.  Once the pain is feeling better-we can then place more emphasis on step 2 of our recovery process.

Step 2: Refine

Once the pain has mostly subsided, then we shift our focus to REFINING movements that have been affected by the injury.  When the body is in pain, it won't be willing to move as much- so this phase restores the normal movement patterns and stability in the injured area that should be happening on a day to day basis.   Since there still may be some pain during this phase, it is a constant re-assessment of everything we do together and ensure that we are moving in the right direction.

This phase can include restoring lost range of motion, improving strength of an area, improving the stability of muscles and joints, and improving the endurance of muscles.  All of these things are affected by an injury-some more than others.  If we can address all the negative changes your body went through and restore them back to their prior state, we can be sure that the injury is well on its way to healing. 

Step 3: Reinforce

The last step-and arguably the most important- is to REINFORCE the area so we can get you back to all your prior activities, while getting you even stronger than before!  The rehab process shouldn't stop when you get out of pain or start to get your normal movement back, if you have an active lifestyle and you want to be able to stay active well into your old age then you NEED to make sure that you don't skip this step.  

Often times this is a continuation of step 2. But now we will be adding intensity, more resistance, higher volume, more challenging movements and positions, and more work on accessory movements to make sure everything surrounding the injured area can provide the support it needs.  If you really value your ability to get back into the gym, lift weights, play with your kids, or stay on the field (where my youth athletes at?), then you will do your body a favor and follow through with step 3. This is the most crucial step because throughout the process we actually give you the tools to stay injury free!


Final Thoughts

Having a process of doing things is so crucial, especially if you're dealing with something as complicated as the human body.  When we break it down into these 3 steps-Reset, Refine, Reinforce- we make each stage of your recovery manageable and simple.  We give you the tools along the way to support your recovery, and constantly communicate with you about what you should or should not be doing so you can go forward with peace of mind.  If you have been dealing with a pain or injury that doesn't seem to be getting better, I implore you to get some professional help, because there's a good chance it's only gonna get worse.  Lucky for you, this is something we help New Albany Ohio locals with every day.  If you're wondering where you should start, I suggest booking a free 15 minute phone consultation. Here we can talk about your issue, how it has affected you, and what your goals are. Sometimes the hardest part is just taking that first step, I promise that you won't be disappointed!


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