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Can I Have Physical Therapy Without a Referral From My Doctor?


Yes. Now this article is over....

All kidding aside, this is a common question I get, and a misconception in healthcare that you always need a physician referral to start PT

Ohio has "Direct Access" for physical therapy. That means a referral is not needed to start PT, and in some cases is not needed at all. So if you have a new ache, pain, or injury, then you can schedule an appointment with a physical therapist without having to first go to your physician.  PT's are experts in musculoskeletal care, and if we decide that your condition would not benefit from PT then we will send you straight to your physician for follow up with them.

There are a few caveats to direct access physical therapy.

1. If you consent to it-your physician will need to be notified within 5 days of starting physical therapy.

2. If no substantial progress is made in 30 days then you need to be referred back to your physician, unless you are being seen for something that is an already established condition.

3. If we believe that your symptoms require treatment past our scope of practice-then we refer you to the proper professional.

Overall, the benefits of direct access are overwhelming!  Just to name a few of the most important things-you will save money, you will save time, you will return to your prior activity level quicker, and you have less need for unnecessary injections and surgery.

PT 1st graphic

There are tons of studies out there that support the cost savings and safety of getting PT 1st. 

Together, Physical Therapists and Physicians can partner to provide holistic patient centered care. As healthcare practitioners our main objective is to help the patient. If we can do that without further burdening the healthcare system, AND saving the patient a ton of time and money, then I am all for it! 

Have you been dealing with pain or an injury for longer than a few days? Then it's time to get it checked out by a qualified physical therapist.  If you're in the New Albany area I work with active adults and athletes to get them out of pain and back to the activities they love! Schedule a free phone call to see if we can help you!


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