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Helping active adults and athletes get out of pain, move better, and conquer their fitness goals.



Don't let pain or injury prevent you from exercising how you want.

We help motivated active adults and athletes in New Albany Ohio, so they can get out of pain and stop missing or modifying workouts.
With our proven 3-Step Recovery Formula, you will be back in the gym in no time!


Your 3 Step Process to Recovery


Step 1: RESET

After we determine the cause of your problem, we develop a personalized plan to get you out of pain and back to 100%


Step 2: REFINE

Once your pain is improving, we get rid of restrictions that are preventing optimal movement



Now that you are moving better, we will teach you how to stay injury free!

Take the first step to exercising how you want

Our Location

Conveniently located within CrossFit New Albany



Get back in the gym, and stop modifying your workouts!

1.) Rehab for the active person with customized therapy plans

2.) Open communication between sessions- text and email 24/7

3.) Extensive experience with CrossFitters, weightlifters, and athletes

4.) Every session is 1-hour to get you back in the gym faster

5.) 100% of every session is 1-on-1, not shared with other staff

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